Prayer Letter | January 2021

This place has been labeled as “Sin City,” but every city has sin. Every city needs Jesus!

Dear Fellow Laborers,             

Thank you so much for being such a vital part of our ministry! God has been at work. I just returned from a 48 hour trip to California. I was only in the state one full day, but God provided me with three churches to present our ministry to. Praise the Lord for the sweet fellowship and the new friends made.

On the trip to California, I had a layover in Las Vegas. I did not leave the airport, but I was reminded of the need for the Gospel to be preached all across this world. This place has been labeled as “Sin City,” but every city has sin. Our hearts are heavy for our own country and the churches of America. We continue to pray for you all as you serve here.

The Our Generation Summit was held at our church during the end of December. It was a wonderful time together around God’s Word. We had over 315 people present, and many young people surrendered to serve the Lord anywhere in the world. Please pray for them as they continue to grow in the Lord and prepare for ministry. My pastor, Austin Gardner, challenged each one of them to return with a mind to work in their home churches. We will never work on the other side of the world if we are not working here and now. After the Summit, Hannah left for a trip to visit the Coffey Family, missionaries in South Africa. We praise the Lord that she made it safely. Pray that the Lord uses this time in a lasting way in her life. 

As you make your plans for this year, I wanted to share a website with some upcoming events. Please look into coming and being with us! Last of all, please remember to stay in your Bible. A constant, daily time with God in His Word is crucial. We love and appreciate you all. Let’s stay close to the Lord as we seek to reach the world in our generation with the Gospel.

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph & Olivia Ewing


  • Praise: Meetings scheduled for 2021
  • Praise: Hannah made it to South Africa
  • Pray: For the rest of 2021 to fill with meetings
  • Pray: 5 new supporters this month
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Prayer Letter | December 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our Family to Yours

Dear Fellow Laborers,

We are enjoying what could be our last Christmas season here in the States for a few years. Jesus Christ is truly the reason for the season. God has given us so much for which to be thankful. Salvation is the greatest gift of Christmas. We want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Beyond salvation, God gives us even more! Each of you is part of God’s gift-giving to us. Thank you for allowing God to provide through you to help us in our ministry. Every time you give, it is a gift to us. We are so humbled that you would continue laboring with us to reach Indonesians with the Gospel of Christ. Our family also is so blessed by each special Christmas offering to us. That is so kind of you all. Thank you.

God has continued to protect us on the road. Our meetings have been a lot closer to home this month as we have been in Alabama and Georgia. Praise the Lord for new supporters this month. We look forward to reaching 100% of our needed support as soon as possible.

We continue to pray for you all. Please contact us if there are specific things about which we can pray with you. Please pray for one friend of ours that is witnessing to his grandfather. The man is in his 90s. Yet, there is still hope for him to call on God for salvation.

It is still not too late. Register for the OG Summit today! The OG Summit is open to all! If you want to find your place in world evangelism, the OG Summit is the conference for you. Typically we have a great mix of individuals, couples, families, and church groups attend. The dates are Dec 28-Dec 30. Go here to find more details:

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph & Olivia Ewing


  • Praise: 4 new supporters!
  • Pray: God to work during OG Summit
  • Pray: For 2021 to be filled with meetings
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Prayer Letter | November 2020

Alaska is one of the most beautiful places to which we’ve ever been.

Dear Fellow Laborers,                 

God blessed, and we were able to safely travel 4,700 miles in one day! It helped that Elizabeth and I were flying for a trip to Alaska. Last year, we were invited to attend a missions conference here this year. The Lord also gave us meetings with three other churches while we are going to be in the state. Please pray that we can be used of the Lord in a way that only he can do. This is our first time to visit here. God’s creation is so beautiful. The land, the water, and the animals are all breathtaking. We see his power and design in his creation. God is truly worthy of our praise.

Our family is praying for you all as you serve the Lord in your field of ministry. We thank you all for praying and partnering with us in so many ways. We are now almost at 50% of our needed financial support! Please continue to pray that we will reach 100% quickly.

We would love to invite you all to a special meeting on December 28-30. The Our Generation Summit is not simply another conference. It is a gathering of Christians endeavoring to further the Gospel of Christ. This can be a great time to learn more about how you can have a greater impact in reaching the world with the Gospel in our generation. 

Many have found that the best thing about the OG Summit is the relationships that are established over the two days. You will have the opportunity to talk with missionaries serving all over the world. There will be fervent preaching and helpful sessions that will assist you as you seek to carry the Gospel to the world. I know that with family and work, it can be difficult to make it. Please work to arrange things so that you can come. Contact us with questions or register here:

The OG Summit is open to all! If you want to find your place in world evangelism, the OG Summit is the conference for you. Typically we have a great mix of individuals, couples, families, and church groups attend.

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph & Olivia Ewing


  • Praise: 4 new supporters!
  • Praise: almost 50% of our support
  • Pray: for America’s churches
  • Pray: 7 new supporters this month
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Driving a Tesla now | Your place in missions?

TN, GA, OH – Pray for our pastors & other leaders

Dear fellow Laborers,

The Josh Ewing Family is doing well as we continue on deputation! Our schedule took us into Georgia and Tennessee this week. We are looking forward to being a part of a missions conference this week in Ohio. Elizabeth and I are also honored to speak with some young people that are a part of the Christian school of the church here. Please pray that the Lord will work in hearts and that hearts will be tender to his leading. There is nothing that we can do of ourselves to impact lives. Yet, we can share the Word of God and testify of God’s work. The Spirit of God is still at work through his Word!

We appreciate the hotel suite that the church is providing for us this week. As Elizabeth and the children are doing homeschool in the room, I came downstairs to do some calling. The hotel was kind to allow me to use their boardroom to work from. I am working to fill up our calendar with meetings. As I called this morning, I’ve been burdened about the weight on pastors and others in the leadership of churches. Please stop and pray for your pastor, missionaries, as well as others that are serving and leading. Many things have improved, but every ministry is unique with what they are facing each week. 


Do you ever feel that the best days in missions are in the past? We believe that God can use us to reach the world in our generation. He wants to use you. Whether going to the mission field as a missionary, raising up new missionaries or being used to send missionaries around, God has a place for you in world evangelism.

The World Evangelism Fellowship exists to encourage you to believe more and do more to reach the world with the gospel. As a guest, you will hear spirit-filled preaching and be a part of practical sessions on reaching the lost around you and the lost around the world.

Please join us for this one of a kind event, and see how God will be able to use you to reach the world in our generation. Please click below for additional information.

* World Evangelism Fellowship November 9-10, 2020 at Vision Baptist Church.

Do you think that electric cars are the future?

Indo Info

A dear family at our home church recently adopted a child. They celebrated by renting a Tesla, the young guy’s favorite kind of car. I did not actually drive the car, but I dreamed I did that night. 🙂 It was so realistic. I even had a police officer pull me over, even though I was going under the speed limit.

Indonesia is working to grow in this industry. Here is a video about The Biggest Indonesian Battery Manufacturer in Indonesia. Maybe electric cars are the future. We will see. I know the missionaries on deputation would have to stop and recharge often.

Pray and Praise 

This is where we ask that you take us to the Lord in prayer. When we all talk to God we can praise Him for His goodness and pray for His help. 


  • Pastors and church leaders will be encouraged at the World Evangelism Fellowship
  • Our calendar would be filled up as I work to schedule meetings
  • Pastor Brian Swafford would recover well from Transverse Myelitis.


  • Very few churches have had to cancel/reschedule meetings lately
  • Safety as we drove all day yesterday to Ohio
  • Pastor Brian Swafford received a diagnosis.
  • We heard from two new supporters this week
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Prayer Letter | October 2020

Indo Info : Mount Bromo – truly beautiful (video with a view)

October  2020

Dear Fellow Laborers,                                       

We rejoice that we had another full month of meetings. We were excited to be in churches in Tennessee, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Thank you to each church that allowed us to be a part of your service or mission conference. Our family is so blessed by the many acts of love toward us as we travel the road.

As we travel, we love meeting new people. The friendships that God is giving us through this time means so much to us. We pray that God will use us to encourage others in their walk with the Lord. Elizabeth and I speak to many about prayerfully considering if God would have them serve as foreign missionaries. Will you please pray about this part of our ministry? Pray that the Lord would give us wisdom in these conversations. We can’t call anyone into the ministry. If we could, there would be a lot more missionaries to Indonesia. Yet, we can talk to people who are already willing and praying about their service to the Lord. I received a text message from one church that we were with this month that a young man has surrendered to be a missionary. That fills my heart with joy and excitement! God is still sending laborers out.

The change in weather has been enjoyable. Of course, it was coolest in Maryland, but Georgia is also enjoying milder temperatures. Even though we enjoy autumn, please pray that this will be the last one we have before returning to Indonesia. We thank the Lord for the multiple new churches that have partnered with us this month. We also appreciate our supporters who help us be full time on deputation as we return to Indonesia. 

God has given us 40% of our needed support! We are working hard to save up for our setup fund. If you are interested in helping with this need and would like more details, please contact me.

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Olivia Ewing


  • Praise: 4 new supporters!
    Praise: One surrendered to be a missionary!
    Pray: Indonesian man I met here in the US
    Pray: 7 new supporters this month

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Prayer Letter | September 2020

September  2020                                                                                                  

Dear Fellow Laborers,                                                                       

We had a full month of traveling and presenting the need of Indonesia. We traveled over 7,000 miles to the following states: DE, PA, NC, TN, VA, TX. Please continue to pray for those affected by Hurricane Laura. It was shocking to see the aftermath when we drove through that area.

Show God’s love by sharing God’s Word with others around you.

Do you see more Muslims in and around your community now than you did ten years ago? I know that we do here north of Atlanta, Georgia. We also saw many in Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. What a great need all over the world to reach the lost. The people of Islam are often passed by for differing reasons. Let’s go to them when we see them. Let’s share the gospel with them in love and boldness. I was blessed to be a part of an online conference focusing on the need for Christians’ to reach Muslims. David Gates, missionary to the Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, taught this first conference. Please let me know if you would be interested in learning about any other meetings that we will have in the future.

Seven new churches partnered with our family’s ministry in August! Thank you to each one that supports us in the ongoing ministry that God has for us. Please pray as we strive to get to Indonesia by August of 2021. Currently, we are at 37% of our needed financial support. We serve a big God who we know is ready and able to provide the other 63% in the next year. I am praying that we can reach 50% in the next two months.

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,
Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph & Olivia Ewing

• Praise: 7 new supporters!
• Praise: Churches are opening up!
• Pray: People to be saved while we serve now
• Pray: 7 more supporters this month

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Prayer Letter | August 2020

30 young people surrendered their lives to be missionaries!

August  2020

Dear Fellow Laborers,                  

We rejoice about all that the Lord has been doing since our last prayer letter in July. God is providing for the purchase of the land for the Center for World Evangelism! In the previous nine months, the Lord has provided over half a million dollars for this purchase! Combined with the funds we already had, we now have $604,784, and several more large donations promised. Thank you so much for praying and giving. Please continue to pray as we need to raise another $1.4 million to pay for the work on the land and construction of dorms, offices, and classrooms. Find out more about what God has done at

One of the many events that will be held at the CFWE will be Impact Weekend. We just finished one of these which we held at our church. I had the privilege of speaking to the young people. We challenged them to pray for the world and go with the gospel into all the world. We had around 50 young people there. Over 30 of them surrendered to be missionaries. Praise the Lord!

Allow me(Josh) to say how much I love and appreciate my family. Each person in our family of five helps in differing ways.Elizabeth and I celebrated 19 years of marriage in July. In August, we celebrate Olivia’s(9) and Joseph’s(14) birthdays. Since passports are taking more time than usual, we will get these younger two their passports soon for the move to Indonesia. Hannah already has hers. 

Please thank the Lord with us about four new supporters in July! Please pray with us for seven new supporters in August. We are excited to get to Indonesia soon. Please pray for the Christians there in Indonesia. There are still many regulations regarding Covid-19. Anyone over 60 years of age and under 12 years old cannot go to church. These rules mean that my parents are doing ministry all through digital avenues.

Indonesia has seen 88% fewer foreign visitors than this time last year. This has hurt the economy of the country. What we really want to see is a great increase in the number of missionaries going there. This will help the eternity of many. Please let us know if we can help you or someone you know who is interested in being a missionary. We would be honored to help in any way possible. 

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph & Olivia Ewing


  • Praise: 4 new supporters!
  • Praise: Pastor is recovering well!
  • Pray: Funding for our move to Indonesia
  • Pray: 7 new supporters this month
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June 27, 2020

Why did they take the risk?

One of the far northern islands of Indonesia had some refugees show up on boats. The people were from Myanmar and are called the Rohingya people. The Indonesian government strictly refused to offer aid and forbid anyone from receiving them. They cited the concerns of Covid-19 being spread into that part of Indonesia. 

Many of the citizens refused to obey the government and went to help. They risked catching the virus to help these people. They risked getting in trouble with the government.

My thought goes to the spiritual need of these people. Some people will spend their entire lives trying to help the physical well being of others. We need more Christians to spend their lives to help the spiritual well being of others. Please pray for more laborers to serve in the field of Indonesia! 

Here is the original news article.

Thank you for praying for our pastor!

Our pastor, Austin Gardner, is recovering well at home now. God has really worked a great miracle in bringing him through a long stay in the hospital. Please continue to pray for his complete recovery. Elizabeth and I really enjoyed being able to go and see him for a short visit this week.

Pray and Praise 

Our family was blessed to be a part of our home church’s Mission Conference as well. We miss them as we are on the road, but it was wonderful to spend some extra time with them all. God is doing a great work in and through our church. There are two meetings that I wanted to let you all know about. More info can be found at the links below. Also, feel free to contact me with any questions.

We were in two churches this past week. It is great to be back to meetings in person.


  • Pastor’s continued recovery
  • 3 new supporters this month 
  • Safety on the road

Prayer Requests: 

  • Pray for pastors as they lead their churches during this time. 
  • Pray that our calendar will finish filling up as we reschedule meetings from the recent months.
  • Pray for 2 more supporters this month
  • Pray for the Golf Tournament below

I am excited about this benefit golf event coming up soon! Please register and come! Here is a link for more information.

Golf Tournament July 21

Thank you for partnering with us to Reach Indonesia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Olivia Ewing

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June 21 2020

A picture from a few years ago when Pastor gave us a tour of the construction of our current, church building. We need more pictures with him and his wife. Go take a picture with your pastor and his wife today!

Pastor Gardner is recovering at home!

This is one thing that I will always remember about 2020. God has brought our pastor off of the ventilator and now he is at home to continue recovering. Please continue to pray for his complete and quick recovery. It will not be an easy task for him to rest when he is used to being so active in the work of God. He is a diligent student of God’s Word, a wonderful preacher, and a passionate laborer for world evangelism.

One of Pastor’s daughters shared this on Facebook. I share it here as a testimony to God:

What an amazing God we serve !!
We are so thankful to have him back and for being the godly man he is. One of the first things he did was get us all together and prayed to thank God for all He has done and for allowing him to be used again. Please continue to pray for his recovery!!”

Happy Father’s Day!

Elizabeth and I often talk about how thankful we are for the parents that God gave us. Elizabeth lost her father a few years ago. He is greatly missed by so many. He and Elizabeth’s mom are pictured on the right. On the left, is my parents. We are so blessed by the many years that our parents invested in us. God has been so good to us! We hope you all have a great Father’s Day.

We had a wonderful meeting last Sunday here in Georgia. We will be at our home church this morning. Then tonight we will have our second meeting back on the road. Please continue to pray with us as we move toward Indonesia. We are working hard, to get back there quickly, while knowing that God has to work for that to happen.

Thank you for partnering with us to Reach Indonesia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Hannah Ewing

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June 13, 2020

Check out our video!

Pastor Gardner is off of the ventilator!

Please thank the Lord for answering our prayers. Now that Bro. Austin Gardner, our pastor, is off of the ventilator, please pray for his complete recovery. Pray for things to go smoothly as he regains his strength. 

We are also praying for others that have caught this virus. I have heard of other churches around America with members and family of their church that have it. However bad this virus is, our God is greater! God is good no matter the happenings of this life. We must walk by faith and not by sight. Pray for every pastor during this time as they lead their church through this difficult time.

Yes, I loved my camera like this one!
It was back in the ’80s or early ’90s when I received my camera like this one. I loved it. I was pretty sure this boosted me to a much higher level of “cool”. Yes, for you younger people, it actually used film in it.

There is another type of camera that no one has. A camera that could allow us to see the spiritual warfare around us. What we can see with our physical eyes is bad enough! The wickedness in this world is already oppressive to every believer and the lost. If we could visually see the Devil and his demons walking about this world, attacking God’s people, would we pray more fervently?

We don’t have to see the fight to know what is going on. We have the Bible. God’s Word has already told us.
11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Eph 6:11–12

There is fighting going on all over the world. The Devil wants you afraid. Don’t live in fear. Pray and serve as God has enabled you. He has a plan for you. Pray for your family in Christ. They are being attacked just like you. Please pray for our family. We know the Devil does not like us going back to Indonesia.

Thank you for partnering with us to Reach Indonesia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Hannah Ewing

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