We Have Lift Off!

We are now on full time deputation! On July 22 I left my job and we stepped out in faith. God is providing and we are working to quickly get back to serving in Indonesia. You know the Christian farmer works hard, but has to trust the Lord for the harvest. Elizabeth and I are working hard, but we are trusting the Lord to raise our needed financial support.

I want to thank each one of you who has given a one time gift to help us as we step out by faith. The Lord has truly helped us in so many ways.

Prayer Requests:

•Support to be raised quickly

•Meetings booked with future supporting churches

•People to be saved

•Believers encouraged

•People to surrender to be missionaries 


•God has kept us safe on the road

• Our calendar is filling up quickly

•We have had great fellowship with the churches we have been in so far! 

The Indo Info (Learn little bit more each week about Indonesia)

Street food= Indonesian Food. Each person in our family, from the oldest to the youngest, loves Indonesian food! As you learn to enjoy the foods of Indonesia, so many conversations can be started. When you love their food, then the person will feel loved. I have been able to start many conversations, in the States and in Indonesia, about food, but ended up talking about the Lord. 

One dish that was a bit unusual for Elizabeth and me, but we now love, is called gado-gado. Here is a link to a video where you can watch a quick video about it. It’s a delicious mixture of many flavors. 

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