Can’t get to heaven… with Covid-19?!

The Corona Virus is affecting the whole world.

Can the coronavirus keep people out of heaven?

Can you go to heaven with this virus in this world? Could it have any effect on eternity for you or others?

I will come back to this in just a moment, but let me remind you of how things are in Indonesia right now. It is a country that struggles with poverty already, and now they are dealing with this quarantine. Many in the United States have had to face the effects of this quarantine as well. This virus is causing so many problems all across the world. Indonesia is not exempt from the virus. No matter the person’s age or economic status, anyone can catch this sickness. Please pray for the people of Indonesia. 

I’m also praying for the United States right now. There is so much turmoil everywhere we look. Brokenness is not something new, though. Yet, with all of the problems, each believer has hope in God. What about those without Christ?

This is where they are trying to go on their pilgrimage.

What’s happening in Indonesia

Something is happening in Indonesia that is not commonly happening here in the United States. Because Indonesia is 87% Muslim, many people were trying to make what they consider to be a holy pilgrimage to Mecca. It is located in the Hejazi region of Saudi Arabia. Considered to be Islam’s holiest city, it is the place where their Prophet Muhammad was born. The origin of Islam is also in this city. Not only is it a special place for Muslims, but they are also the only ones that are even allowed to enter the city.

Every Muslim that is financially able is supposed to take this trip. This is the second-largest gathering of Muslims in the world, with millions coming each year. It is often a once in a lifetime opportunity for an Indonesian. There can be a waiting period of up to 20 years to be allowed to go. This is due to there being only a limited amount of spots for Indonesians to fill. This trip is not only about their religious duties, it is one of the five pillars of Islam, but it is also believed to help better their chances of getting into heaven. However, this pilgrimage has been halted by the Indonesian government. Steps are being taken there to stop the spread of the virus, and this cancelation is one of them.

A way out of Indonesia is not the answer. They, just like us, need Christ as their Savior.

Way Out – Is there hope?

So now lets recap. As an Indonesian who is a Muslim, they have been working for so long to make this trip a reality. Yet, now, their chance has come, and the Indonesian government has canceled all Indonesians from making this trip. One of the biggest add-ons to help their chances of going to heaven is taken away from them. Even if they don’t make it there, if one makes the trip and dies on the way, it is considered huge “points” added for them. Death during the journey is actually considered that the pilgrim was martyred and cleansed from their sins.

Are you going to heaven? Do Muslims in Indonesia and around the world have a steadfast assurance that they are going to heaven? They must hear the gospel. We must tell them. Are we telling them? Pray that we can get back to Indonesia quickly, even though this pandemic has happened.

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