March 2020 Prayer Letter

February  2020                                                                                                  

Dear Fellow Laborers,                                                                       

We’ve traveled 5,000 miles this month! We are so thankful for a full calendar with mission hearted churches. God has given us 5 new supporters! Thank you so much for praying and partnering with us in the work that God has for us right now as we prepare to move back to Indonesia. We are incredibly humbled at the sweetness and generosity towards our family from you all.

It was great to hear that a young man, who is deaf, surrendered to be a missionary. We met him at a missions conference a couple of weeks ago. Isn’t it great to see what God is doing in the hearts and lives of people today? I also want to say a special thank you to pastors, mission directors, and the people of the churches for all the work that goes into hosting missionaries. So much work goes in behind the scenes. It does not go unappreciated by our family.

Thank you to all who have given! We now have $3,528 that has been given for our Setup Fund! We will need to purchase everything from furniture to a car once we arrive in Indonesia. If you would like to help with this need, you can do so by either donating through our mission board or by clicking the link below. We serve a great God, and we know that He will provide all of our needs. 

We are looking forward to the Our Generation Missions Camp coming up this summer! For more information and to register, you can click the photo below.  

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Olivia


  • Praise: $3,528 in our Setup Fund!
  • Praise: 5 new supporters this month
  • Praise: More missionaries surrendering 
  • Pray: Health and Safety as we travel
  • Pray: 7 new supporters next month
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