June 21 2020

A picture from a few years ago when Pastor gave us a tour of the construction of our current, church building. We need more pictures with him and his wife. Go take a picture with your pastor and his wife today!

Pastor Gardner is recovering at home!

This is one thing that I will always remember about 2020. God has brought our pastor off of the ventilator and now he is at home to continue recovering. Please continue to pray for his complete and quick recovery. It will not be an easy task for him to rest when he is used to being so active in the work of God. He is a diligent student of God’s Word, a wonderful preacher, and a passionate laborer for world evangelism.

One of Pastor’s daughters shared this on Facebook. I share it here as a testimony to God:

What an amazing God we serve !!
We are so thankful to have him back and for being the godly man he is. One of the first things he did was get us all together and prayed to thank God for all He has done and for allowing him to be used again. Please continue to pray for his recovery!!”

Happy Father’s Day!

Elizabeth and I often talk about how thankful we are for the parents that God gave us. Elizabeth lost her father a few years ago. He is greatly missed by so many. He and Elizabeth’s mom are pictured on the right. On the left, is my parents. We are so blessed by the many years that our parents invested in us. God has been so good to us! We hope you all have a great Father’s Day.

We had a wonderful meeting last Sunday here in Georgia. We will be at our home church this morning. Then tonight we will have our second meeting back on the road. Please continue to pray with us as we move toward Indonesia. We are working hard, to get back there quickly, while knowing that God has to work for that to happen.

Thank you for partnering with us to Reach Indonesia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Hannah Ewing

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