Driving a Tesla now | Your place in missions?

TN, GA, OH – Pray for our pastors & other leaders

Dear fellow Laborers,

The Josh Ewing Family is doing well as we continue on deputation! Our schedule took us into Georgia and Tennessee this week. We are looking forward to being a part of a missions conference this week in Ohio. Elizabeth and I are also honored to speak with some young people that are a part of the Christian school of the church here. Please pray that the Lord will work in hearts and that hearts will be tender to his leading. There is nothing that we can do of ourselves to impact lives. Yet, we can share the Word of God and testify of God’s work. The Spirit of God is still at work through his Word!

We appreciate the hotel suite that the church is providing for us this week. As Elizabeth and the children are doing homeschool in the room, I came downstairs to do some calling. The hotel was kind to allow me to use their boardroom to work from. I am working to fill up our calendar with meetings. As I called this morning, I’ve been burdened about the weight on pastors and others in the leadership of churches. Please stop and pray for your pastor, missionaries, as well as others that are serving and leading. Many things have improved, but every ministry is unique with what they are facing each week. 


Do you ever feel that the best days in missions are in the past? We believe that God can use us to reach the world in our generation. He wants to use you. Whether going to the mission field as a missionary, raising up new missionaries or being used to send missionaries around, God has a place for you in world evangelism.

The World Evangelism Fellowship exists to encourage you to believe more and do more to reach the world with the gospel. As a guest, you will hear spirit-filled preaching and be a part of practical sessions on reaching the lost around you and the lost around the world.

Please join us for this one of a kind event, and see how God will be able to use you to reach the world in our generation. Please click below for additional information.

* World Evangelism Fellowship November 9-10, 2020 at Vision Baptist Church.

Do you think that electric cars are the future?

Indo Info

A dear family at our home church recently adopted a child. They celebrated by renting a Tesla, the young guy’s favorite kind of car. I did not actually drive the car, but I dreamed I did that night. 🙂 It was so realistic. I even had a police officer pull me over, even though I was going under the speed limit.

Indonesia is working to grow in this industry. Here is a video about The Biggest Indonesian Battery Manufacturer in Indonesia. Maybe electric cars are the future. We will see. I know the missionaries on deputation would have to stop and recharge often.

Pray and Praise 

This is where we ask that you take us to the Lord in prayer. When we all talk to God we can praise Him for His goodness and pray for His help. 


  • Pastors and church leaders will be encouraged at the World Evangelism Fellowship
  • Our calendar would be filled up as I work to schedule meetings
  • Pastor Brian Swafford would recover well from Transverse Myelitis.


  • Very few churches have had to cancel/reschedule meetings lately
  • Safety as we drove all day yesterday to Ohio
  • Pastor Brian Swafford received a diagnosis.
  • We heard from two new supporters this week
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