Prayer Letter | November 2020

Alaska is one of the most beautiful places to which we’ve ever been.

Dear Fellow Laborers,                 

God blessed, and we were able to safely travel 4,700 miles in one day! It helped that Elizabeth and I were flying for a trip to Alaska. Last year, we were invited to attend a missions conference here this year. The Lord also gave us meetings with three other churches while we are going to be in the state. Please pray that we can be used of the Lord in a way that only he can do. This is our first time to visit here. God’s creation is so beautiful. The land, the water, and the animals are all breathtaking. We see his power and design in his creation. God is truly worthy of our praise.

Our family is praying for you all as you serve the Lord in your field of ministry. We thank you all for praying and partnering with us in so many ways. We are now almost at 50% of our needed financial support! Please continue to pray that we will reach 100% quickly.

We would love to invite you all to a special meeting on December 28-30. The Our Generation Summit is not simply another conference. It is a gathering of Christians endeavoring to further the Gospel of Christ. This can be a great time to learn more about how you can have a greater impact in reaching the world with the Gospel in our generation. 

Many have found that the best thing about the OG Summit is the relationships that are established over the two days. You will have the opportunity to talk with missionaries serving all over the world. There will be fervent preaching and helpful sessions that will assist you as you seek to carry the Gospel to the world. I know that with family and work, it can be difficult to make it. Please work to arrange things so that you can come. Contact us with questions or register here:

The OG Summit is open to all! If you want to find your place in world evangelism, the OG Summit is the conference for you. Typically we have a great mix of individuals, couples, families, and church groups attend.

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph & Olivia Ewing


  • Praise: 4 new supporters!
  • Praise: almost 50% of our support
  • Pray: for America’s churches
  • Pray: 7 new supporters this month
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