March 2021 Prayer Letter

March 2021 

Dear Fellow Laborers,                                                 

We have been busy, but a good busy! I made a trip by myself because of the long drive time. I was in Alabama on Sunday night and then in Michigan on Monday night. What a busy 36 hours of travel and church! God blessed me with safety and a great trip. Sixty-one percent of our support has now been promised or received! We have received 56% of our support with an additional 5% that has been promised! I continue to be amazed by how God is answering prayer to get us back to Indonesia! 

While on deputation, we get to hear of God’s work in the past and see His Hand at work still today all over the United States! Even though we love our time with believers on deputation, we are very eager to get to Indonesia!
We have had some meetings that needed to be rescheduled. God continues to provide other opportunities. I have also had the privilege to preach in three different chapel services. Our young people need the Lord! They also need to volunteer to serve the Lord. The ministry that you and I are doing must continue!

A big thank you to Noah and Tristan Wilkerson for allowing our daughter Hannah to fly to and from South Africa with them. They are now back from her trip to South Africa. Thank you for praying for her and her time there. She had a wonderful trip. We also appreciate the Coffey Family for hosting her.

This trip was part of the Wilkerson’s training for missions. Now they are heading to Mozambique as missionaries. Please contact Bro. Wilkerson about having them come and share their burden. 

Here is their contact info: 
— Ph: 865-257-2025     
— Email: 

This is a repeat from last month because I am so excited about this! As you are reading this, churches across the country are committing to take up an offering on or before Easter Sunday, April 4th, 2021, to establish a place to train the next generation of missionaries. There is still time to participate in this offering.

If you would like more information about the Our Generation Easter Offering and how to receive your promotional kit, please contact us at 770-456-5881 or visit Thank you for your work for the Lord in world missions.

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,
Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph & Olivia Ewing


• Praise: Hannah is back!

• Praise: Safety on long drives

• Pray: Our Generation Easter Offering

• Pray: 7 new supporters this month

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