April 2021 Prayer Letter

April 2021 

Dear Fellow Laborers,

God is still saving, even the “hard” cases. During a recent meeting, I heard of a person who had been attending the church for years. They were living in open sin, not saved, unrepentant, yet continued to come to the church. The pastor has lovingly and faithfully preached and shared the Gospel. I even had the opportunity also to water the Gospel seed while I was there. However, this person still had not been saved. Fast forward two months, I was in a prayer room before service. I was many states away from the church mentioned above. The pastor shared a praise report that he had heard about this church attendee who had been saved. Praise the Lord! 

Cry out to God! Do you remember those times in your life where all you can do is cry out to God for help? You all, our prayer partners, have been praying, crying out to God with us. God is moving in answer to our prayers. 65% is the level of support that we have received. That is a 9% increase since last month! Thank you to each new partner.

We have presented our ministry in GA, TN, NC, SC, VA, and OR. Some of these churches I have known for most of my life. I love to see them continuing for Christ. Also, our family enjoyed a time of enrichment and training at the Vision Baptist Missions orientation. Elizabeth and I are so thankful for the family of VBM members who serve others. We came away encouraged and challenged. One major takeaway for me was the reminder that God has to work for anything to be accomplished. Prayer must be a vital part of our daily lives if we will have God’s power in our ministries. 

We trust you had a wonderful time thinking about the resurrection of Christ. It’s a truth that must not leave our hearts and minds throughout the year.

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph, and Olivia Ewing


  • Praise: 9% increase in received support!
    Praise: Starting our passport renewals
    Pray: Building of BCWE training building
    Pray: 7 new supporters this month

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