Our Family

Josh’s Testimony

I was raised in a wonderful Christian home by parents who loved God and were active in church ministry. They not only loved God but also loved the ministry. More importantly, I was under the teaching and preaching of the Bible since I was born. I trusted in Christ at a young age with my mother, while we were sitting at the kitchen table. 

As I grew up, my father worked at General Motors. Yet, with what the world called a secure job, he was burdened for the country of Indonesia. He surrendered to be a missionary to Indonesia. When I was 10 years old, we moved to Indonesia. The years that I spent there would forever change my life. While on a furlough at the age of 16, I surrendered to preach. Upon our return to the field, I began preaching in the churches there.

Elizabeth’s Testimony 

My parents enrolled me in a Christian school my sophomore year. Little did we know what God would do from that one decision. I was then under the preaching and teaching of the Bible. I finished the last three years of high school there. During that time, I had been convicted of my sin many times. The love of faculty members also had a deep impact on me. Through God’s patient working on me, I realized I needed Jesus to be saved. I then trusted in Christ as my Savior as another student led me to the Lord. Right after I trusted Christ, I became very interested in missions and I surrendered to go wherever the Lord would direct me.

Our Return to Indonesia

After our marriage, the Lord led us to Indonesia where we served for one term. I was able to jump back into preaching and teaching in some of the churches I attended as a child. While Elizabeth learned the language I was also able to help teach in the Bible College. We lived and worked in Indonesia before returning to work in our church. 

Now the Lord has continued to use our time back home to help us grow and prepare us for this next step in our lives. During this time our burden for the people of Indonesia has continued to grow. Elizabeth and I are excited to return to Indonesia for longterm ministry. Please pray with us as we take this step of faith in obedience to God.

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