Austin Gardner, Pastor

Dear Pastor

Josh and Elizabeth Ewing are returning to the mission field of Indonesia. Josh was raised there. Josh and Elizabeth returned to Indonesia as missionaries and served four years.

After that term, they returned to Vision. They felt the need to get more training and to strengthen their marriage. They came back. Josh got a job. They started working in the church. God blessed them greatly. They won the hearts of our people.

Josh served as a deacon. Just before announcing the call to return to Indonesia, the deacons asked him to serve as an assistant treasurer. They both were very active in the ministry. They taught Sunday School. They worked in children’s ministries. They were involved in outreach.

Losing them back to the mission field will be a significant loss for our church. Josh has been a great deacon and servant in our church. I do, however, believe that God is at work in their lives. I believe the kingdom of God will grow, and they will make a significant difference in Indonesia.

Will you please have them in to present their work? They already speak the language. They already know what they are getting themselves into. They will do a good job.

I believe in Josh and Elizabeth. If you have any questions about their character, their ability, their doctrine, or anything, please feel free to call me.

Yours to reach the world in our generation

W Austin Gardner

Austin and Betty Gardner have been serving in church ministry since they were both nineteen years old. They were church-planting missionaries to the country of Peru, South America for 20 years. Together with a faithful band of men, Austin and his team were able to start over 70 churches in Peru, as well as a Bible college called Peru Baptist College.
Austin and Betty returned to the States in 2005, where he established the ministry of Vision Baptist Church and the Our Generation Training Center, a training program for young missionaries, in Alpharetta, GA. 

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