Can’t get to heaven… with Covid-19?!

The Corona Virus is affecting the whole world.

Can the coronavirus keep people out of heaven?

Can you go to heaven with this virus in this world? Could it have any effect on eternity for you or others?

I will come back to this in just a moment, but let me remind you of how things are in Indonesia right now. It is a country that struggles with poverty already, and now they are dealing with this quarantine. Many in the United States have had to face the effects of this quarantine as well. This virus is causing so many problems all across the world. Indonesia is not exempt from the virus. No matter the person’s age or economic status, anyone can catch this sickness. Please pray for the people of Indonesia. 

I’m also praying for the United States right now. There is so much turmoil everywhere we look. Brokenness is not something new, though. Yet, with all of the problems, each believer has hope in God. What about those without Christ?

This is where they are trying to go on their pilgrimage.

What’s happening in Indonesia

Something is happening in Indonesia that is not commonly happening here in the United States. Because Indonesia is 87% Muslim, many people were trying to make what they consider to be a holy pilgrimage to Mecca. It is located in the Hejazi region of Saudi Arabia. Considered to be Islam’s holiest city, it is the place where their Prophet Muhammad was born. The origin of Islam is also in this city. Not only is it a special place for Muslims, but they are also the only ones that are even allowed to enter the city.

Every Muslim that is financially able is supposed to take this trip. This is the second-largest gathering of Muslims in the world, with millions coming each year. It is often a once in a lifetime opportunity for an Indonesian. There can be a waiting period of up to 20 years to be allowed to go. This is due to there being only a limited amount of spots for Indonesians to fill. This trip is not only about their religious duties, it is one of the five pillars of Islam, but it is also believed to help better their chances of getting into heaven. However, this pilgrimage has been halted by the Indonesian government. Steps are being taken there to stop the spread of the virus, and this cancelation is one of them.

A way out of Indonesia is not the answer. They, just like us, need Christ as their Savior.

Way Out – Is there hope?

So now lets recap. As an Indonesian who is a Muslim, they have been working for so long to make this trip a reality. Yet, now, their chance has come, and the Indonesian government has canceled all Indonesians from making this trip. One of the biggest add-ons to help their chances of going to heaven is taken away from them. Even if they don’t make it there, if one makes the trip and dies on the way, it is considered huge “points” added for them. Death during the journey is actually considered that the pilgrim was martyred and cleansed from their sins.

Are you going to heaven? Do Muslims in Indonesia and around the world have a steadfast assurance that they are going to heaven? They must hear the gospel. We must tell them. Are we telling them? Pray that we can get back to Indonesia quickly, even though this pandemic has happened.

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Prayer Letter | June 2020

Pray for our Pastor who has Covid-19

Dear Fellow Laborers,               

Our hope is only in the Lord. Our hearts are heavy as I write this email. Please pray for our Pastor, who has Covid-19 and has been put on a ventilator. He was also diagnosed with double pneumonia. His oxygen levels were very low when he went to the emergency room. He is stable at this time, but pray that he will be able to get off of the ventilator and make a complete recovery. Sis. Betty, our Pastor’s wife, also has the virus. She is being treated at home and is doing much better now. 

As we continue to pray for our Pastor, we look forward to seeing God work through this time. I had not imagined that the effects of this virus would be felt by so many churches all over the world. The work must still go on through this. God has not left us. We are still safe in Him. We do not know all the turns that will come our way in this life, but we do know the end of the story. We are victors through all of this. 

One of the ways to continue through the difficult times is to continue with all that we can do for the cause of Christ. We must stay close to the Lord through the trials. We do not need to stop everything, because we can’t do all that we normally do. More people need to be reached with the Gospel. Those new believers must be discipled. Then those believers need to be trained to do ministry. I am thankful for the training that I have received. The Center for World Evangelism is a wonderful place to train people to be missionaries. We have been asking God to raise up the funds needed to purchase land for the training center. 

There will be a golf tournament on July 21, 2020. The entry fee is $150, and all proceeds will go towards buying the land for The Center for World Evangelism. God has provided $506,000. We need another $134,000 before July 31 to make the land’s payment. You can contact me or go to this web address for more information: . Please come out and join the fun either as an individual, form a team, or multiple teams. There will be a putting contest, closest to the pin, long drive, and hole-in-one prizes, as well as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. I hope to see you there.

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph & Olivia

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Prayer Letter | April/May 2020

Dear Fellow Laborers,

We are praying for you as you and your church family are going through this difficult time of quarantine. I know this is affecting each of you in different ways. Please call or write to us about how your church is doing as well as how you are ministering through this time. I think this is a wonderful time to share ideas of how we can serve others.

I now know what “Zoom” is! Have you been using YouTube, Facebook, or something else? So many of us are learning new ways to communicate with each other. I believe there has really been some culture shock for
each of us regarding the many changes that have been made. We have had a few churches that have asked us to be a part of their virtual services via video. Please pray that God uses each video that has been made for His glory.

Also, we need your prayer as we work on some projects with our mission board. It is our desire to produce more materials to help others as they continue in the work of missions. We have also used this time to begin sorting through our belongings for our move to Indonesia. We look forward to the move when the Lord allows us to return!

We give a special thank you to our home church for a love offering that they gave us to help with expenses while we are not traveling. We are so humbled by this blessing.

Here is a link to a website that I believe will be a blessing to you and your church. Please go to More content will be added frequently. Please let us know how Vision Baptist Missions can better serve alongside your church to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Reaching Indonesia for Christ, Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph & Olivia

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2 New Supporters!

Check out our video!

2 new supporters!

We are praying for you all.  We are confident that God is at work in each of our lives through this time of quarantine. God is blessing even in these difficult times! Thank you for praying for us. I appreciate the emails, texts, and calls. We rejoice about another church that voted to become our newest financial partner. Praise God for his provision in our ministry. That is our 2nd new supporter this month!

There have been three more online church services this past week in which I preached and presented. I am about to record one more message for a church that we were scheduled to be with on Sunday. Please continue to pray for these video messages to be used by the Lord. 

Do you speak some of the Indonesian language?

The words “orang hutan” mean “person jungle” or “jungle person”. I know we are all ready to move forward without this virus affecting so much of our lives. I am including two interesting news articles about Indonesia. You get to choose if you want a story that includes COVID 19 or one that does not.

News without COVID 19:
“Ray of Light (Sinar)” was born in Indonesia.

News with COVID 19:
We are going to scare you if you disobey us! 

Have you ever fasted for a month?

Did you know that Ramadan is beginning? Do you know what it is?

Pray and Praise 

So many have asked about how we are doing during this time. We are doing well. We are ready to get to Indonesia! We do know that God’s timing is perfect. We are working while we are waiting. Thank you for counting to partner with us through your financial and prayer support. Please pray about an exciting announcement for young people that you know! I’m a part of a group that is wanting to help young people be better prepared for what God wants for them. Check this out and sign them up if they would like to be a part of this exciting ministry. This is for young people ages 8-18. 

The Our Generation Army 

Thank you for partnering with us to Reach Indonesia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Olivia Ewing

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Quarantine 2020

Check out our video

Please pray for Indonesia.

Indonesia is starting to have severe issues like many other countries across the world. The sickness is spreading quickly. They still do not know the exact total of those who have been affected, but there have been 514 confirmed cases and 48 deaths. One report said the death rate is currently at 13% for those who are getting the virus.

Because of how quickly things are escalating there in the country, the Indonesian government will be paying bonuses to doctors and other medical staff during this time. Indonesia’s main island, Java, is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Only time will tell how this impacts lives over the next few weeks.

I have never heard of a signing bonus for missionaries, but the need for missionaries is far greater concerning Indonesia than medical staff. This virus is dangerous, but there is hope

Without Christ, there is no hope after this life. I love Indonesia. I hurt for them concerning the repercussions from this that they will be hit by for months to come. However, their greatest need is to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for more missionaries. Please pray for every Christian that is currently in the country. Ask God to work powerfully through this tragedy. Pray for grace for each believer.

We are praying for you.

Please let us know how we can pray for you. We know that this virus has affected people in different ways. How are you doing through this? How has it affected you and your church? Our family is doing well. God has been so good to us. We are thankful for good health and safety as we traveled home from meetings this past week.

Thank you for partnering with us to Reach Indonesia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Hannah Ewing

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March 2020 Prayer Letter

February  2020                                                                                                  

Dear Fellow Laborers,                                                                       

We’ve traveled 5,000 miles this month! We are so thankful for a full calendar with mission hearted churches. God has given us 5 new supporters! Thank you so much for praying and partnering with us in the work that God has for us right now as we prepare to move back to Indonesia. We are incredibly humbled at the sweetness and generosity towards our family from you all.

It was great to hear that a young man, who is deaf, surrendered to be a missionary. We met him at a missions conference a couple of weeks ago. Isn’t it great to see what God is doing in the hearts and lives of people today? I also want to say a special thank you to pastors, mission directors, and the people of the churches for all the work that goes into hosting missionaries. So much work goes in behind the scenes. It does not go unappreciated by our family.

Thank you to all who have given! We now have $3,528 that has been given for our Setup Fund! We will need to purchase everything from furniture to a car once we arrive in Indonesia. If you would like to help with this need, you can do so by either donating through our mission board or by clicking the link below. We serve a great God, and we know that He will provide all of our needs. 

We are looking forward to the Our Generation Missions Camp coming up this summer! For more information and to register, you can click the photo below.  

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Olivia


  • Praise: $3,528 in our Setup Fund!
  • Praise: 5 new supporters this month
  • Praise: More missionaries surrendering 
  • Pray: Health and Safety as we travel
  • Pray: 7 new supporters next month
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We are blessed to get to serve God!

We have really enjoyed being in four different churches this past week spread over Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia. Thank you for praying for our safety as we travel. 

Our family’s ministry has had five new supporters so far in February. Please continue to pray about with us that our financial support will be raised quickly. God has been so gracious to us. A family opened their home to us. A church took us to their “mission closet,” which ended up being Costco. We greatly appreciate the gifts and love offerings to us. With that said, we are most excited to see what God is doing in the hearts of those we meet along the way.

Please pray for us as we continue to work to get back to Indonesia. A huge praise is that we had $1,500 more come in this month for our “Set up Fund.” Please rejoice with us about God’s provision. If you would like to give toward our set up fund, you can at the link below.

Thank you for partnering with us to Reach Indonesia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Hannah Ewing

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7 new supporters – Praise the Lord!

                                                                                                     February  2020 

Dear Fellow Laborers,

The new year had a great start with us receiving seven new supporters! We are so grateful to God as we have seen him provide for each of our needs. Please help us pray for at least five new supporters this month. We are eager to return to Indonesia!

Thank you to our supporters for your faithfulness. You are in ministry with us through each love offering, every meal prepared, prayer prayed, and time given to share our burden.

We are saving now for our set up fund. We will need to purchase everything from furniture to a car once we arrive in Indonesia. If you would like to help with this need, you can do so by either sending a donation to our mission board or by clicking the “make a donation” button below. We serve a great God, and we know that He will provide all of our needs.  

Make a donation to help us Reach Indonesia

Indonesia is extremely culturally diverse. Spread across Indonesia’s 18,000 islands are over 300 ethnic groups. Each group has its customs and traditions. There is such a great need for the Gospel to be preached and churches to be planted! We are praying for more laborers. Would you consider giving your life to go to these people? 

We are looking forward to the Our Generation Missions Camp coming up this summer! For more information and to register, you can click the photo below.  

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Olivia


  • Opportunities to witness
  • Many new supporters this month
  • Safety as we travel
  • Health for the family
  • Our set up fund

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5 new supporters so far this year!

We praise the Lord for 5 new supporters!

God was so good to us in 2019 and he is still pouring out his blessings in 2020. Thank you for praying for us as we have already been busy with traveling this year. You are part of our ministry as you labor with us in prayer. God is answering your prayers and raising our financial support. We have had 5 new churches partner with us so far in 2020!

More people surrendering to be missionaries!

The OG Conference was a huge blessing as people were challenged to be willing to serve on the foreign field. We must not only pray about where in America God wants for us to serve. Please pray for those who have surrendered to take the next step in becoming missionaries. The Devil will certainly attack them.

Indo Info

Instead of having different states as we have in the US, Indonesia has provinces. There are 34 provinces in all. 

Because of their unique features, I want to bring to your attention these three provinces.

  1. Jakarta is the capital city. The Jakarta metropolitan area has a population of around 30 million people.
  2. Special Region of Yogyakarta, has sultan Hamengkubuwono as hereditary Governor and Paku Alam as hereditary vice-governor.
  3. Aceh, for the use of sharia law as the regional law of the province. It is derived from the religious precepts of Islam, particularly the Quran and the hadith.

The country is so diverse and so large! I am glad that our God does not change with each new year. He is still able to use regular people to do his work.

Pray & Praise

  • Pray that the needed money will be raised for the building of the Center for World Evangelism 
  • Praise God for safety as we drove through a storm this week!
  • Pray for us as we are planning our future move to Indonesia (Visas, tickets, housing, furnishings, car and schooling for our kids)

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December Prayer Letter

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