We are blessed to get to serve God!

We have really enjoyed being in four different churches this past week spread over Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia. Thank you for praying for our safety as we travel. 

Our family’s ministry has had five new supporters so far in February. Please continue to pray about with us that our financial support will be raised quickly. God has been so gracious to us. A family opened their home to us. A church took us to their “mission closet,” which ended up being Costco. We greatly appreciate the gifts and love offerings to us. With that said, we are most excited to see what God is doing in the hearts of those we meet along the way.

Please pray for us as we continue to work to get back to Indonesia. A huge praise is that we had $1,500 more come in this month for our “Set up Fund.” Please rejoice with us about God’s provision. If you would like to give toward our set up fund, you can at the link below.

Thank you for partnering with us to Reach Indonesia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Hannah Ewing

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7 new supporters – Praise the Lord!

                                                                                                     February  2020 

Dear Fellow Laborers,

The new year had a great start with us receiving seven new supporters! We are so grateful to God as we have seen him provide for each of our needs. Please help us pray for at least five new supporters this month. We are eager to return to Indonesia!

Thank you to our supporters for your faithfulness. You are in ministry with us through each love offering, every meal prepared, prayer prayed, and time given to share our burden.

We are saving now for our set up fund. We will need to purchase everything from furniture to a car once we arrive in Indonesia. If you would like to help with this need, you can do so by either sending a donation to our mission board or by clicking the “make a donation” button below. We serve a great God, and we know that He will provide all of our needs.  

Make a donation to help us Reach Indonesia

Indonesia is extremely culturally diverse. Spread across Indonesia’s 18,000 islands are over 300 ethnic groups. Each group has its customs and traditions. There is such a great need for the Gospel to be preached and churches to be planted! We are praying for more laborers. Would you consider giving your life to go to these people? 

We are looking forward to the Our Generation Missions Camp coming up this summer! For more information and to register, you can click the photo below.  

Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Olivia


  • Opportunities to witness
  • Many new supporters this month
  • Safety as we travel
  • Health for the family
  • Our set up fund

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5 new supporters so far this year!

We praise the Lord for 5 new supporters!

God was so good to us in 2019 and he is still pouring out his blessings in 2020. Thank you for praying for us as we have already been busy with traveling this year. You are part of our ministry as you labor with us in prayer. God is answering your prayers and raising our financial support. We have had 5 new churches partner with us so far in 2020!

More people surrendering to be missionaries!

The OG Conference was a huge blessing as people were challenged to be willing to serve on the foreign field. We must not only pray about where in America God wants for us to serve. Please pray for those who have surrendered to take the next step in becoming missionaries. The Devil will certainly attack them.

Indo Info

Instead of having different states as we have in the US, Indonesia has provinces. There are 34 provinces in all. 

Because of their unique features, I want to bring to your attention these three provinces.

  1. Jakarta is the capital city. The Jakarta metropolitan area has a population of around 30 million people.
  2. Special Region of Yogyakarta, has sultan Hamengkubuwono as hereditary Governor and Paku Alam as hereditary vice-governor.
  3. Aceh, for the use of sharia law as the regional law of the province. It is derived from the religious precepts of Islam, particularly the Quran and the hadith.

The country is so diverse and so large! I am glad that our God does not change with each new year. He is still able to use regular people to do his work.

Pray & Praise

  • Pray that the needed money will be raised for the building of the Center for World Evangelism 
  • Praise God for safety as we drove through a storm this week!
  • Pray for us as we are planning our future move to Indonesia (Visas, tickets, housing, furnishings, car and schooling for our kids)

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December Prayer Letter

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November Prayer Letter

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Ewings to the airport (Josh’s Parents)

We can’t take this to the airport with us!
(click link)
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October Prayer Letter

Repeating our thankfulness to God and his people!
(click link)
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Blown Away

Blown away

Let’s start by talking about volcanoes. I am no expert on them, but I know that when the pressure builds, the natural result is an eruption. God has been doing a work in our hearts, under the surface, for a long time. Our reasonable response to that working is to go back to Indonesia. As we have stepped out by faith, God is now propelling us back there.

We are really blown away, pun intended, by the moving of God! We have had 4 churches take us on in the past two weeks! We are traveling full time as well as scheduling meetings. We are now scheduling to be with churches in 2020 for Missions Conferences, Mission Emphasis Sundays as well as during regular services. We still have a few openings in 2019. Please let me know if you would like to have us come to your church and share our burden, our plan and the need of Indonesia. 

Pray and Praise 

This is where we ask that you take us to the Lord in prayer. When we all talk to God we can praise Him for His goodness and pray for His help. Here are 3 prayer requests and praises together.

•People to be saved – A praise that my wife and I had a good, though brief conversation with Marquisha at Walmart. Pray that that she would come to church. She wrote down mine and Elizabeth’s names.

•Believers to be encouraged- Churches are not exempt from discouragement. We are asking God to use us to encourage pastors and church members. They are going through trials and attacks. I am thankful to God for every opportunity to speak in a church.

•People to surrender to God – I was blessed to speak with two men this past week who both said that they are open to becoming a missionary. Not only that, but they are already serving God in their church. Praise the Lord!

The Indo Info (Learn a little bit more each week about Indonesia)

Have you ever heard about the Ring of Fire? It is a major area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. It runs right through Indonesia.

Here is a short video about the Ring of Fire.

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August Prayer Letter

Dear Fellow Laborers,

The month of July was our first month of deputation. We started booking meetings and traveling full time as of July 22. We are working hard to raise the needed financial and prayer support in order move back to Indonesia as quickly as possible. What a joy it has been to fellowship with believers and to see churches faithfully proclaiming God’s Word.

Our calendar is filling quickly as I call each day. I ask that you would pray that we will book meetings with churches that will partner with us as we serve long-term in Indonesia. There are still openings in August and September that I am working to fill. Contact me if your church would like to learn more about the need for more churches to be planted in Indonesia.

A special thank you to each church that has supported us when we were on the field before. Please rejoice with us and thank God for how he has worked in our lives these past few years that we have been in the States. If you have not heard our story, you can read more on our website.

Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us as we go back to reach the world’s largest Muslim country and the world’s 4th largest country? 

Thank you for praying for our family and for the ministry to which God has called us.

Reaching Indonesia for Christ, Josh, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and Olivia


  • Souls to be saved during deputation
  • Saints to be surrendered to go into all the world
  • Support to be raised quickly (prayer and financial)
  • Reaching Indonesia for Christ,

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We Have Lift Off!

We are now on full time deputation! On July 22 I left my job and we stepped out in faith. God is providing and we are working to quickly get back to serving in Indonesia. You know the Christian farmer works hard, but has to trust the Lord for the harvest. Elizabeth and I are working hard, but we are trusting the Lord to raise our needed financial support.

I want to thank each one of you who has given a one time gift to help us as we step out by faith. The Lord has truly helped us in so many ways.

Prayer Requests:

•Support to be raised quickly

•Meetings booked with future supporting churches

•People to be saved

•Believers encouraged

•People to surrender to be missionaries 


•God has kept us safe on the road

• Our calendar is filling up quickly

•We have had great fellowship with the churches we have been in so far! 

The Indo Info (Learn little bit more each week about Indonesia)

Street food= Indonesian Food. Each person in our family, from the oldest to the youngest, loves Indonesian food! As you learn to enjoy the foods of Indonesia, so many conversations can be started. When you love their food, then the person will feel loved. I have been able to start many conversations, in the States and in Indonesia, about food, but ended up talking about the Lord. 

One dish that was a bit unusual for Elizabeth and me, but we now love, is called gado-gado. Here is a link to a video where you can watch a quick video about it. It’s a delicious mixture of many flavors. 

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